property maintenance, turf and ornamental care, shrub and small tree trimming, mulch application, annual flower installation and maintenance

Property Maintenance

Envirocare maintains sites throughout Upstate SC. When you hire Envirocare you can truly enjoy your landscape to its full potential. We have account managers that are on site weekly to ensure that your landscape is always beautiful and healthy. We are proactive and always looking for potential problems or hazards that might exist. We provide a full service landscape maintenance operation that includes weekly turf maintenance, turf and ornamental care, shrub and small tree care, mulch applications, annual flower installation and maintenance and leaf removal. This allows Envirocare to be your primary landscape contractor. We take care of turf and ornamental so that they will be healthy throughout the year. Feel free to contact us today about an estimate on your property. Check out our portfolio!

Turf and Ornamental Care

At Envirocare we realize the importance of a lush green lawn and we take every means necessary to ensure that you lawn is beautiful throughout the growing season. We offer fertilization programs for turf and shrubs, weed control programs for turf and shrub beds, and insecticide and fungicide applications on turf and shrubs. We also offer an Integrated Pest Management program for both plants and turf to ensure that we are not applying pesticides unnecessarily. Let us visit your property to see what we can do for you.

Shrub and Small Tree Trimming

We offer pruning of shrubs and small trees as part of our standard maintenance services. We use both hand pruning techniques and shearing to obtain the most desirable look for your shrubs and trees. We can ensure ornamental trees and shrubs will flower to their maximum potential by pruning at the proper time of the year, likewise we can tree-form shrubs for a more desirable look, or even keep the shrubs to a required size. We can help you with any of your shrub and small tree trimming and maintenance needs.

Mulch Application

Let Envirocare apply a fresh coat of mulch to your property. Whether it is pine needles or hardwood mulch this is the single best process to enhance the look of your property. We will edge the beds prior to mulching to give it a nice defined look with a nice trench for future edging. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Annual Flower Installation and Maintenance

Whether it is a nicely planted flower pot at the front door or a sweeping band of color at the entrance, annual flowers will grab people’s attention. We are constantly looking at new combinations of flowers and colors to enhance even the smallest of areas. We offer the initial design service, installation and season long maintenance. Our annual maintenance service includes dead heading, disease and insect control and fertilizer applications for maximum color. Let us come out to your property to show you how we can enhance your high traffic areas through the use of annual color. Check out our portfolio!